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We could go all day about our company, our services, our quality products, but our customers simply tell it better!

Take a look at their genuine reviews below and learn all there is to know about our product, our service and the enjoyable experience.

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"I bought two Pro boards. Been using them for more than a month now. The build quality is good. Feels extremely sturdy. The wheels are large and durable."

~ Teoh Yi Chie


"Met the friendly seller last week. I already have one of my own electric skateboard, but was thoroughly impressed by the Infinity Board. The Pro board was really stable and rides were really smooth. I think the large wheels will work really well on SG's concrete pavements. 

The compact design of the battery pack makes it seem really neat and clean. So if you're thinking of pimping up your board, it's quite suitable. The quality of the product is obviously very good the moment you see it.

What i liked most about the Pro is that there is almost no sound made when the motor is running, as opposed to many other e-skateboards out there. And, really good price for a product this good!"

~ Ryan Tan


"I bought the Infinity Board X.Pro about a month ago after the try-out at Oxley Bizhub and I'm quite happy with it so far. The range and speed has been up to spec and really good for park connectors."

Norman Lim


"Another happy day curving around Sentosa. The in hub motor really provides a smoother torque delivery. Handling is superb. Feels like snowboarding. Smooth and powerful.

~Nigel Yeung


"All good! Happy with the product"

~ Shaun Low


"Hey Andy, i've just received the board. Thanks for the good customer services!"

~ MJ Kok


"Good and helpful seller, we are not very pro in skateboarding, and we use e-scooter but first time on a electric skateboard, seller is very patient to guide us on how to use. We tested both the lite and pro version. I preordered the Pro and my wife bought the Lite on the spot. Look forward to receive the Pro board. Will update further after receiving it."

~ Frank Lai


"One lady stopped me and asked about the board when i was testing it, guess this super cool skateboard will find me a new gf, lol."

~ Tim Chan