How to choose the right electric skateboard?

After seeing an electric skateboard zooming past you, it will not take a lot of convincing to get yourself one! What do we need to take note of when choosing the perfect electric skateboard for you?


The purpose is one of the most important factors when choosing your electric skateboard. Do you want to use it to cruise on flat grounds for the fun of it, commute daily or for a road trip with steep slopes? This is essential for you to decide on the kind of electric skateboard that will be best for you.


If you live at hilly areas or areas with slopes, this might be one factor that you will want to consider. Different boards provide different hill grade to show how steep can the board travel at. If the terrain is relatively flat, most boards will be able to satisfy your needs. 

 Motor Type

The two main motor types to consider here would be in-wheel hub motors or belt driven ones. Even though initially electric skateboards are built with belt driven motors, new generation of electric skateboards now have hub motors. These hub motors enables kick-pushing and more efficient brake system. 


Electric skateboard being a tool of convenient transport, the speed plays a part on your decision. Generally, the speeds electric skateboards have to offer ranges from 15 km/h to 45 km/h. If your concern is to travel at high speeds, this may take a toll on the range. Speeds of 15km/h to 25km/h are considered best for most users. 25km/h to 45km/h are usually for expert skateboarders due to the very high speed. In Singapore, Land Transport Authority limits the speed to 25km/h for safety reasons.


If commuting is your main purpose of purchasing an electric skateboard, the range at which the board can bring you will be vital. You will have to make sure that the range is sufficient to bring you to the destination and back without having to recharge. It would certainly be inconvenient if the battery goes flat midway unless you are using a hub motor skateboard.

 Size & Weight

The size and weight of the board is important for portability. You wouldn’t want to be carrying a big heavy board around! If your purpose is to commute frequently or cruise leisurely and carrying it around after riding, these few kilograms are going to make a big difference. We recommend looking for electric skateboards that are below 4.5kg if portability is your concern.


Ease of maintenance is a factor to consider. To save the trouble, you might want to look for boards that require minimal maintenance of both the electrical and mechanical parts! However, routine check of the screws and bearings are tight is definitely a must. Comparatively, hub motor electric skateboards generally require less maintenance than traditional belt driven ones, as they do not need to change belts.


Consider your budget well and to gain the most out of your money spent. Pick the boards that match your requirements the most! Board with higher ranges and higher speeds will cost more and the ones with lower speeds will cost less.