Can I self collect in Singapore?

Yes! You can self collect from our warehouse. Please make an appointment with us beforehand.

How much is delivery cost for Singapore purchase?


Can I test ride?

Yes in Singapore! Please contact us for the test ride.

What is the warranty?

We offer 6 months warranty on manufacturing defects.

Is the board waterproof?

The motor is waterproof. The whole board is splash proof but not waterproof. We recommend you use our board just like you would use any regular skateboard.

Replacement wheels?

Wheels generally do not get damaged under normal usage. The non-motorized wheels can be changed with any other standard wheels on the market. The motorized wheel is available from our company as a spare part.

Rider weight limit?

We recommend 80kg and below and not more than 100kg. Heavier riders will see a decrease in speed going uphill, but performance on flat ground will not have significant change.

Can I swap for my own deck? Can I just get a kit?

No. The deck is modified to fit with the battery box. Wheel wells have been designed to match with the wheels size to avoid any wheel bite.

Can I push like a normal skateboard?

Yes. The in-wheel has almost no drag so it just feels like riding a regular skateboard (unlike most of other electric skateboards that have a drive belt which produces a lot of drag).

Can I get more battery range?

For now we do not offer extended battery range. However if you kick-push twice when every time you start riding, you can save up to 40% of the energy the motor will consume.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! Please contact us for more details.