Top 8 Reasons To Use An Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards are the next up and coming mode of transport and if you are still considering getting one, here are top eight reasons why you should use an electric skateboard as your daily mode of commute and adventure!

1. Beat the Jam & Avoid Traffic
Dragging your feet to a destination that is inaccessible by public transport?
With an electric skateboard, it reduces walking commutes to a fraction of time.
If you are using electric skateboard as your mode of commute to work, that also means you get more rest on top from being able to travel effortlessly away from the morning crowd!

2. Commute by Day, Excitement by Night
Electric skateboard works as a travel buddy where it will always be with you.
Think out of the box - electric skateboards are not only used as mode of commute for work, it can also become a fun leisure activity after work or over the weekends to wind you down from the hectic work week you had! 

3. Portable
Associating portability of an electric skateboard with that of convenience, electric skateboard is easier to bring around as you go, allowing you to commute to various places anytime anywhere without having to worry about parking space and you take control as to where you would like to stop at.

4. Save Money
Having rechargeable battery in the electric skateboard system means not having to burn a hole in your pocket to pay for expenses on transportation from time to time and parking fees when travelling to nearby places would not be of relevance to you with the electric skateboard’s portability to your convenience. 

5. Faster Speed with Lesser Effort
Travel effortlessly with great speed with the electric skateboard’s in-wheel motor which is small yet powerful. All it takes is just a touch from the remote control and you will be on your way. What could be a 15 minutes’ walk could just be a 5 minutes journey for you on the electric skateboard with extra 10 minutes to spare.

6. Easy to Learn
For those who may be relatively new to the idea of skateboarding, electric skateboard would be a perfect introduction to get you started and a skill that you would be able to pick up within minutes.With a handheld remote, you can easily navigate your way around at comfortable speeds until you are ready to venture into something more exciting.

7. Exploring New Places
Navigate through various places with the electric skateboard and seek new hideouts with in depth exploration that would not have been accessible by public transport.

8. Environmentally Friendly
Travel at ease with lesser harmful gas emissions and do your part to reduce carbon footprint with an electric skateboard aside from public transportation and cars, especially when travelling short distances from various places.

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