Belt Drive VS Hub Motor

The trend in the electric skateboard world right now is the in-wheel hub motor. We’ll share with you the reasons why!   


No Drag. Ability to kick-push after battery is flat

The worry of a device going battery flat is nothing new in this technology-driven world. Our mobile phones, laptops, or even electric skateboards, it causes a ton of inconvenience once they are flat. A belt driven motor stops dead when they are out of battery. They can’t be moved and can’t be kick pushed, the only way to take them back is to lug it back home. However, skateboards with in-hub motors can then be kick-pushed and are able to be operated like a normal skateboard, saving your energy of lugging them all the way back home. What a huge advantage!

Minimum Maintenance

Because of their simple design, they reduce the need for maintenance.  They do not have motor mounts, pulley, belts or gears, hence minimizing the chances of wear and tear! Other than the occasional overheating of motors, there are almost no chances of damaging the motor of the skateboard, minimizing the costs of maintenance!

Effective braking

Last but not least, in-hub motor systems have better brakes compared to their counterparts. In the belt driven motors, the small motor pulleys are continuously forced to be in rotation by the big motor pulley. This causes in less effective braking system due to the longer causal chain required. On the other hand, the in-hub motor systems have instantaneous braking system that doesn’t lag.

Light Weight

Due to the compact nature of the motors, in-hub motors weigh less than the belt systems. These lighter motors allow you to carry them around more easily and certainly save your effort of carrying heavy electric skateboards around!


The less noise generated from in-hub motors will certainly keep you away from glaring eyes of the public. The lack of moving parts and churning belts creates little noise and will definitely make your cruise quieter and more serene!


Belt drive systems could generate more power

The power generated from belt driven motors spins way faster than the wheels, while on the other hand, the in-hub motors spins at a 1:1 ratio. Hence, you will require more watts from the in-hub motors to feel as powerful as the belt driven motors.

Belt drive systems could absorb shock better

On a skateboard, you would have felt at some point in time that there are vibrations that pulse through your legs especially when skateboarding on uneven grounds. External motors such as the belt driven motor are able to better absorb such vibrations from the uneven grounds.

Our Infinity Board uses the in-wheel hub motors that provide various benefits. It will certainly be long lasting and will allow you to have an optimal cruising experience!


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