Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard VS Electric Scooter

Electric skateboards and electric scooters have always been on direct comparison for their similar properties, here’s the catch on their differences.

Electric skateboards are usually smaller in size hence more convenient to be brought around various places even up on public transportation.
With comparison to electric scooters which is bulkier due to their model structure and in consideration on the various models, not all scooters can be conveniently folded and have to be parked somewhere else as they are not allowed up on public transportation.

An electric skateboard usually weighs around 7-8kg due to its smaller structure...

Top Eight Reasons To Use An Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards are the next up and coming mode of transport and if you are still considering getting one, here are top eight reasons why you should use an electric skateboard as your daily mode of commute and adventure!

1. Beat the Jam & Avoid Traffic
Dragging your feet to a destination that is inaccessible by public transport?
With an electric skateboard, it reduces walking commutes to a fraction of time.
If you are using electric skateboard as your mode of commute to work, that also means you get more rest on top from being able to travel effortlessly away from...

How to choose the right electric skateboard?

After seeing an electric skateboard zooming past you, it will not take a lot of convincing to get yourself one! What do we need to take note of when choosing the perfect electric skateboard for you?


The purpose is one of the most important factors when choosing your electric skateboard. Do you want to use it to cruise on flat grounds for the fun of it, commute daily or for a road trip with steep slopes? This is essential for you to decide on the kind of electric skateboard that will be best for you.


If you live...

Belt Drive VS Hub Motor

The trend in the electric skateboard world right now is the in-wheel hub motor. We’ll share with you the reasons why!   


No Drag. Ability to kick-push after battery is flat

The worry of a device going battery flat is nothing new in this technology-driven world. Our mobile phones, laptops, or even electric skateboards, it causes a ton of inconvenience once they are flat. A belt driven motor stops dead when they are out of battery. They can’t be moved and can’t be kick pushed, the only way to take them back is to lug it back...